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Army Camo Black/Blue/Purple Black/Chartreuse Black/Red Texas Red Black/Blue Brown/Purple Brown/Orange Burly Special *New* Green Ear Green Pumpkin GrnPum/Orange/Chart Junebug PBJ Sour Grape Watermelon Barbed Watermelon Blue Blk/Brwn/Amber *New* Watermelon Red Barbed Watermelon Sugar Free Watermelon Candy Cypress Craw Camo White/Chartreuse White/Gold White/Silver White/Barbed Watermelon Texas Toxic Red *New* Dark Junebug *New* Koi *New* Natural Craw *New* Dark Christmas
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All Spitnfire Jigs are created using Mustad Ultra Point Hooks with two steel ball rattles attached to the skirt with a double ear rattle collar. We currently offer 5 types of jigs: Hybrid, Wood, Finesse, Football and the Screwball JigHead. You'll find a pretty extensive mix of skirts as well as some unique head colors. We think you'll like the attention to detail that sets us apart from other manufacturers. The JigHeads are painted with PowderCoat and coated with a Clear Coat of Epoxy, making them extra tough. We wanted to make a jig that would stand up to the abuse. On the Hybrid Jig the Epoxy goes over the eyes, to give them just that little extra toughness. All Jigs feature Mustad Ultra Point hooks with the exception of the Football Jig, which features Gamakatsu Hooks. The Hybrid Jig and the Football Jig both utilize the Wide Gap hook design to allow for bulkier type trailers as well as providing quicker more efficient hook sets. All Skirted jigs feature 60 strand Silicone Skirts and double ear rattle collars. Spider collar attachments are also provided to accommodate your preference of rattle attachment.

Featured Products

Hybrid Jig

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The Hybrid Jig has an Extra Wide Gap hook design which is nice when using bulkier trailers. The Larger Hook also has the hook point pointing back down towards the Jig Head which allows for easier hookups. The head design on the Hybrid is better suited for all purpose. It is somewhat tapered in the front end which helps in the grass, but fattens up towards the back to still keep it from snagging in the wood cover. It works exceptionally well for swimming. Trailer Keeper molded onto hook shank. 60 strand Silicone skirts. Available in sizes 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 ounce.

$3.50 Details

Fireball (Screwball)

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Finesse Jighead for fishing small worms and creatures. Screwlock style for threading your soft plastics. Mustad 4/0 EWG hook allowing you to use thicker soft plastics also. 5 to a pack. Available in sizes 1/8 and 3/16 ounce.

$4.25 Details

Finesse Jig

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Round Ball Head with Mustad Ultra Point Hooks. Horizontal line tie 4/0 Round bend hooks in both sizes for better hookups. Trailer Keeper molded onto hook shank. 60 strand Silicone skirts. Available in Sizes 3/16 and 5/16 ounce.

$3.25 Details